Accounts Payable Job Description - Account Receivable Job Description

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Accounts Payable Job Description - Account Receivable Job Description

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By Alan Leach
Accounts payable job description

Accounts payable is the area of accounting that is involved with paying the bills a company accumulates, such as to suppliers or other areas.

If you look at any job site these days you may be struck by just how many account payable or receivable positions are being advertised. It seems clear therefore that the demand for accountants with accounts payable experience is strong, and this shows no sign of diminishing in the near future.

For those of you considering a career in accounts payable this job description may provide some assistance as to what skills and attributes are required, as well as other basic information.

Most accounts payable job descriptions will require experience, if not specifically in accounts payable then almost certainly in accounting in general. While exceptions might be made in terms of university graduates, experience is always a much sought after attribute. Having said that, with demand for accounts payable staff so strong you may find some organizations who would be willing to train people providing they had related skills.

Accounts payable job descriptions also almost always call for computer literacy, as most of the working day will be spent working on a computer. The right person for such a position must therefore also be able to work sitting down for long periods of time, and be able to process data quickly and accurately.

Account receivable job description

Accounts receivable is concerned with handling incoming payments to the organization, whether in terms of checks or cash or other payment forms. This job description looks at the main factors involved in an accounts receivable position, and may be useful for those looking for a job in accounts receivable or for those needing help on how to write a job description for a similar position.

Any job description for accounts receivable will vary according to the specific company and role. A job description may relate to a clerk, manager supervisor so it is useful to be aware of this. This job description limits itself to the basic functions an accounts receivable clerk might perform.

Data entry is a large part of an accounts receivable job description, so it essential not only an applicant is relatively quick at this but also he or she be accurate. Any job description will mention accuracy as a high priority, as accountancy is one area where there is often only one right answer, and mistakes can be costly to rectify.

Generally, experience and a tertiary qualification are required, though one or the other may be waived by certain organizations. Even so, it goes without saying that the better qualified you are, the more likely the chances you will have of landing the position.

Computer software might make the job of an accountant easier, but this only applies if you are competent with computers. Job descriptions will often state the required computer skills, or assume that you have the right skills to do the job.

We have looked at some of the main points a job description for an accounts receivable person might state, and it is perhaps worth ending with a short description of the personal attributes such a person might have. These include a professional and accurate approach to their job, attention to detail and the ability to process large amounts of information quickly.

An accounting job description is usually similar to either accounts payable or receivable, though an accounting job description may require more general accounting duties. A book keeper job description will vary according to the specific needs of the company though experience and suitable qualifications are often required. A book keeper job description will also detail the task involved which generally include recording details of business transactions.

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